43 Coolest Home Sauna Design Ideas

Coolest home sauna design ideas (38)

A small saunas can easily fit in a home or even a condo. There are closet-sized sauna kits (3’x5′) and even one person infrared sauna tents. Many people recovering from illnesses and seniors like the infrared sauna tents because they do not get terribly hot, about 130° F at the upper end. And the infra-red light spectrum is very healing and boosts the immune system. They also disassemble fairly easily should you need to move it to another room or home.

Like any room in your house, I imagine you decorate it with your things and taste. Saunas are the same, especially where it regards ambiance and lighting. There are many lighting choices these days: sauna lighting choices: wet/dry recesssed lights (4″ or 6″), salt lamps, rope lights, lights on a dimmer, wood lampshades, infrared lights etc. If you have a little extra money, lights can really set a great mood.

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