50 First Apartment Decor Ideas for Couple

39 First Apartment Decorating Ideas for Couple

Moving in with your partner is exciting. It’s fun! However, it can also be frustrating when you realize your interior design preferences don’t quite match up as well as your personalities…Where you might imagine placing a lovely antique armchair, your significant other may envision a green leather recliner (cup holder included).

As a woman it can be difficult to let go of your natural inclination to lean toward more feminine touches when putting together a home. If you’re like me, you just can’t help yourself when it comes to throw pillows (the more the merrier!), dust ruffles, and scented candles (vanilla and peony, please!). Also pink. Nevertheless, there is a happy balance that can be achieved—one that isn’t too girly or too manly—and I am going to share a few of my best pointers with you along with some inspiring photos of man-friendly interiors…

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