30 Best Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ideas

17 Best Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ideas

Decorating for Christmas is something I look forward to all year long! I love the challenge of transforming the same space into a different kind of Christmas wonderland every year. Perhaps I come by it honestly. Growing up, our family typically had three decorated Christmas trees. One tree was the “kids’ tree” sporting colored lights, popsicle stick ornaments, and an anything goes vibe. Our main tree was the “family tree” with cozy handmade and purchased ornaments, strings of popcorn & cranberries, and plaid ribbon bows. The third tree was the pièce de résistance–my mom’s formal tree. This tree had a tight color palette, approachable elegance, and gorgeous ornaments.

Over my lifetime I’ve learned a thing or two about how to decorate a tree, and I am confident that whether your style is eclectic, farmhouse, or glam, obtaining a curated look for your Christmas tree is doable! I’m going to share my best tips, hints, and tricks with you on how to decorate your Christmas tree affordably and beautifully this season.

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